Turn Your Beats Into A Successful Career

Let me show you how to negotiate with artists and record executives to MAXIMIZE your chances of getting placements with my signature methods.



Who Am I?


I went from being homeless to working with the biggest artists all over the world such as DRAKE, YOUNG THUG, LIL BABY, GUNNA....etc Also flying private jets, and traveling to over 60 countries all from my beats. The mindset and methods I’ve developed throughout my journey changed my life completely.

Over the last 5 years I’ve been refining my monetization methods to make them very effective. I’m here to teach you how to network to reach more clientele, and how to build opportunities for yourself starting from absolutely nothing, and most importantly create passive income from your beats. Also you will learn my personal production techniques that will take your beats to the level you need to be on to compete with the majors.


Aspiring Producers

if you’ve been making beats and you have been struggling to get your production into the hands of artists, this course is perfect for you! This course will show you how to turn your beats into income.

Create a Career

Learn the skills needed to turn your passion for producing into a career. while learning secret tip and tricks that will take your beats to the next level!

Beat makers

People who have a passion for making beats and would like to turn that passion into a profitable career!


Stop guessing with your career and life, follow a plan that works & get real results.



75+ Training Videos

75+ direct and actionable lessons for proven success. NEW content released weekly, watch at your own pace.

Lifetime Access

Sign-up today and get lifetime access, never pay another penny (even when prices go up & MORE content is added).

Private Community

Be amongst other ambitions creators in our private community. Learn tactics, get tips, and ideas from like-minded creatives. 

Proven Methods

Remove the guess-work, i've tested and used all tactic within this course myself! You're learning exactly how I grew my brand and production career to the scale it is. 

Direct Mentorship

BricksDaMane gives you direct access to me weekly, I will help you overcome any challenges you may run into along the way!

Inside The Course

Content Unlocked Weekly

  • Bricks Academy Course Introduction 
  • Introduction to Mindset
  • Mindset
  • DreamBuilding - What are you Hustling for? 
  • DreamBuilding - Faith and Dedication
  • DreamBuilding - Abundance Mentality
    DreamBuilding - Perseverance 
  • Book recommendations and Module Recap
  • Week 1 Resources 
  • week 2 intro

  • Bricks Production Process 1

  • Bricks Production Process 2

  • Bricks Production Process 3

  • Tips and Tricks 1

  • Tips and Tricks 2
  • Tips and Tricks 3
  • Tips and Tricks 4 Plugin Selection
  • Story time -  how I got my 1st placement
  • Vocabulary slides 1
  • Resources
  • week 3 intro

  • Bricks Production Process Rnb Beat Breakdown

  • Tips and Tricks 4

  • Tips and Tricks 5

  • Tips and Tricks 6
  • Tips and Tricks 7
  • Arrangement
  • story time - how i got my first lil baby placement
  • vocabulary 2
  • resources
  • How to survive as an up and coming music producer

  • How to Sell Beats

  • How to Get Placements

  • How to sell beats - ADVANCED METHODS
  • Bricks Process - Melody
  • Using Loops
  • How got my Second Drake Placement
  • Week 4 vocabulary
  • Resources
  • Case Study + Project files

  • Story time - How i got my first DRAKE placement

  • How much should you charge

  • Negotiation 

  • no free beats

  • networking

  • collaborating

  • Story Time - Lil Baby Placement STORY TIME

  • Managers
  • Week 6 intro

  • Setting up your store

  • Using Facebook Ads

  • Ad targeting

  • Testing your Ads

  • Instagram Branding and Marketing
  • Distributing your beats
  • Course Certification


  • 50+ Training Videos Value $997 

  • Access To Private Facebook Group Value $297 

  • Direct Weekly Mentorship Value $499 Per Session

  • High Quality Assets Value $149 

Over $1900 IN VALUE

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